March 1-6

Yikes, its been a while since I’ve been on here. In my defense I had to work the whole weekend and I did do some cooking but I’ve been forgetting to photo document some things. It just doesn’t seem right to post a recipe without a photo for some reason. I’ve still been solidly on the wagon but have had a hard time getting enough calories. Ruth, maybe this is where you need to step in. I promise you though- it seems like I do nothing but eat all day…and am eating very good food at that. 

More Muffins!ImageCarrot spice to be exact. I promised more carrot recipes. I subbed gf flour but kept everything else the same. These were some of the most non vegan/gluten free tasting muffins I’ve made thus far. 

And now for a personal favorite- Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

ImageI love sweet potatoes with beans and spiciness. These did not disappoint.

And on to more fun things. Trying to eat more calories means I can bring back fun baking. First go about at vegan chocolate chip cookies. I was just going to veganize my mother’s recipe however I thought I would still try to keep some additional healthy elements intact. YummyImageUsing coconut oil definatley takes away any buttery taste most cookies have but these were super good. This recipe makes a small batch (I got 11 small cookies outta mine) but its a good tester recipe. I added walnuts and used 1 T brown sugar and 1 T sucanat.

I reread her post and realized I’m not doing myself too many favors w/ these. She says each are only 23 calories w/o oil and mine only have 1T of coconut oil in there, and some walnuts but I’m guessing we’re still under 50 calories. Yikes


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